PlanGrid Windows App

Company: PlanGrid
Platform: Windows
Position: Senior Designer

What did you set out to achieve? PlanGrid already had a full iOS, web app, and Android experience. My task was to build a Windows app from the ground up that had feature parity with the other platforms within my six-month contract.

How did you achieve that goal? This project was all about prioritizing which features were most important to build first because I only had six months.

What challenges did you face? The iOS, Android, and web apps had all been built before the Windows app, but had slightly different designs and copy for each platform. Deciding which features and which implementation was best to build off was a challenge. Ultimately, I was tasked with a second project at PlanGrid; I took over the efforts to standardize design across platforms.

If you could go back, what would you change? Windows is especially challenging because users can be on devices like the Surface tablet that have both touch and mouse inputs. Because of this, you have to design an interface that works in desktop and tablet modes simultaneously. If I could go back, I would spend more time refining the UI so that all features worked with both a mouse and a stylus.