Sense Marketing

Company: Sense
Platform: Print
Position: Sole Designer

What did you set out to achieve? Before I joined almost all of our sales were outbound. I wanted to make compelling marketing that would draw in more inbound leads.

How did you achieve that goal? Lots of experimentation. Trying different styles, copy, layouts, etc. Iteration was the key to finding the most effective style.

What challenges did you face? Sense is not just one tool. It’s a suite of tools for staffing agencies. As such, we had to market an email tool, an SMS tool, an analytics tool, etc. This made focused marketing very challenging.

If you could go back, what would you change? I would have grown the team much quicker if given the opportunity. I was the only designer at Sense doing marketing for almost an entire year. The workload became challenging. Being more proactive and hiring a second designer much sooner would have been a good decision.