Sense Web App

Company: Sense
Platform: Web (React)
Position: Sole Designer

What did you set out to achieve? Sense wanted to build an entire suite of tools for the staffing industry. My goal was to create a foundation that would be easy to build upon for years to come. I wanted my designs to be flexible enough that they would not break as more features were added.

How did you achieve that goal? The very first project I tackled at Sense was a complete overhaul of the site's colors and type. Before I arrived, most of the colors were styled inline and didn't meet WCAG guidelines. I pulled all the colors out into a separate style sheet and adjusted any that didn't meet accessibility guidelines.

What challenges did you face? We had to integrate with several ATSes (Applicant Tracking Systems). Because of these integrations, we were somewhat limited in our functionality.

If you could to go back, what would you change? I would spend more time redesigning the top-level navigation. I used the navigation I inherited from before I joined the company. It ended up painting me into an unexpected UX corner in the future.